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Sponsoring this blog?

We only allow advertising from sponsors that are relevant, interesting, 
and suiting this niche blog so that our readers know the quality of our endorsement 
and that we respect their attention and the support of our sponsors.

By promoting your creative business on I LOVE ILLUSTRATION
You’ll get the attention and enthusiasm of our dedicated and expanding audience: 
Artists, Art Directors, Art Reps and Art lovers from all over the world. 

On Bloglovin we are the second biggest international Art blog 
with almost 135.000 followers.

Sponsored post

We offer sponsored content for shops, exhibitions, art contests, creative skills
and all other happenings and products that the targeted art audience will love to hear about. 

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Square button
Sponsor Squares are an easy and cost-effective way to get your message out to our targeted art audience. (170x170 static banner)

Half Page (skyscraper)
Drive awareness and action with a large featured ad placed prominently below the posts. 
(170×600 static banner)

Placed below posts within main content stream.
(600×250 static image)

Placed at the top pf the site below the logo or at the bottom of the site.
(1100×250 static image)

For different sizes please get in contact.

Artists webshops

For the webshops of artists we give a reduction on the square ads.
(170x170 static banner)

Interested? Or other ideas? Send a mail:

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