Annu Kilpeläinen


Summertime! Love the tropical neon colored work of Annu Kilpeläinen, a Finnish born illustrator that lives and works in London. Providing bold vibrant rainbow coloured imagery Annu’s portfolio bursts with character depicting summery scenes of urban landscapes, pattern, flowers, portraits and narrative with a distinctly tropical vibe.

Lynnie Zulu

Summer has started Amsterdam! Love this colorful work of artist Lynnie Zulu, born and bred in the Scottish Borders, with an artist mother who was born in Tanzania. She studied at Kingston and now lives and works in East London. Zulu’s work carries an African influence that is revealed in the energetic mark making and by the exotic characters she creates. Her illustrations can be found in fashion print, apparel and accessories, LP artwork, live art and in exhibitions.

Bridget Davies

I am a doggie lover and I have a golden retriever myself called Coco, yes from Coco Chanel ;-)
I am in love with this elegant and funny dog paintings of Sussex based artist Bridget Davies. She trained as an artist at Bretton Hall, University of Leeds and then worked in the fashion industry for several years. Eventually she returned to her first love, painting and illustrating. Her inspiration comes from a fascination for the elegant styles of the Forties and Fifties and illustrators such as Rene Gruau and Andre-Edouard Mart. Some of her lovely prints are for sale here!

Guil Godier

Weekend inspiration! Love the surrealistic ink universe of Guil Godier; a French art director and illustrator who emerged in the underground musical scene. His drawings and paintings are seen in France and abroad at group shows and alternative events. From this counter culture, Guil Godier extracts the intensity of its themes and makes them his own.

Erin Armstrong

Love the exotic paintings full of patterns of Toronto based contemporary artist Erin Armstrong.
After graduating from Dalhousie University with a B.A. in 2012 she decided to continue her education in the arts. Using quick and decisive pencil and charcoal markings over acrylic based images her goal is to create people in everyday situations in an expressive and dreamlike world. 
She was selectd as an "artist of the day"  by Saatchi Art; see her portfolio here.

Anna McKay


I never showcases digital artists on this blog but sometimes I make an exception as I love this work!
Anna McKay is an artist and illustrator based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her distinctive digital style blurs the lines between painting and design, resulting in work that is beautifully graphic and highly emotive. "My work centres around women, showcasing feminine power and strength."
Have a look at her shop for great prints, mugs and totes!

Noumeda Carbone


Love the artworks of Paris born, Florence based illustrator and artist Noumeda Carbone. She works with ink, pigment liner, felt-tip pen and sometimes she mixes hand drawing with digital instruments. Her illustrations are surreal, dreamlike, darkly and full of incredible details. "I like the error, the small surprise between lines, the light"Visit her shop for beautiful prints and totes! 

Lisa Krannichfeld

Love the "wet" watercolor portraits combined with Japanese paper collage... These pieces are from a new mixed media series, titled “Dressed” by American artist Lisa Krannichfeld
Lisa Krannichfeld was born and raised in Little Rock, AR in an interesting mix of Southern American and Chinese cultures. Her experiences growing up in these two intermixing cultures and their traditions have greatly influenced her work. Lisa often uses traditional Chinese ink and watercolor materials in a nontraditional uncontrolled, free-flowing way often mixed with unconventional materials. “I’m experimenting with mixing the ink and the watercolor with collage. I really like where I’m headed with it!” Indeed a gorgeous combination!

Sjoukje Bierma

Love the fashionable paintings of Amsterdam based fashion illustrator and artist Sjoukje Bierma.
She likes to use ink and watercolor for her illustrations and techniques like acrylic oil, gouache, appliquéd gold leaf for her portraits. Her inspiration comes from artists like René Gruau, Eric, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Rothko.