Elizabeth Mayville

Effortless Summer! What’s easier than a simple topknot or braid? They both scream summer with their fashionable simplicity. Love these elegant illustrations made by Michigan based artist and illustrator Elizabeth Mayville. Have a look in her Etsy shop where she sells beautiful small originals and giclee print illustrations!

Andrea Hrnjak


Give your day a little bit of Wildness! Andrea Hrnjak is a Vienna artist and illustrator with a love for wild animals. Her works are a wonderful combination between human & animal. With her soft and delicate pencil works she takes us to a mysterious and spiritual wonderland.

Fifi Lapin

Have you heard of Fifi Lapin? She's an international it-girl, style guru, and fashion icon who posts photos of her outfits online. She has collaborated with well-known designers who love her look and been featured in fashion magazines - even praised by Vogue as "an unlikely - but powerful - fashion force." What sets her apart from the rest of the fashionista world? Well, she’s an illustrated bunny, 'The world's most stylish bunny' according to Elle magazine. I agree!
Thanx to Doodlersanonymous.

Roberta Zeta

Happy Holiday post from La Douce France! I was surprised when I found these sunny artworks in my mailbox this morning! These delicious illustrations are from Italian-born, Helsinki-based illustrator Roberta Zeta. Thank you Roberta to make my day even more shining ;-)

Because of Summer! by Artaksiniya

Love the Ready-to-wear illustrations of Acne, Celine, Louis Vuitton & Marni from one of my favourite Russian artists Artaksiniya. Because of Summer!

Barbara Dziadosz

Love these vintage looking illustrations from Barbara Dziadosz. Originally from Poland, but currently studying in Hamburg, Dziadosz specializes in printmaking and character design.

Summer has started - OPEN CALL

David Shrigley 
OPEN CALL! Show me all your great, juicy, creamy, delicious & hot SUMMER illustrations!!!
Send them to: submissions@iloveillustration.nl

Ingrid Bockting - ART PRINT GIVEAWAY

And the winner is CulieJulie! Contratulations! Please get in touch for your address...

YAY! I am thrilled that Dutch-based artist Ingrid Bockting has offered to give ONE 20x20cm artprint of "BB on a bike" (first ilustration), signed by the artist, to ONE of you! Alle you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me WHY you should win this lovely print... I'll mention the winner at the end of this week. Cheers!

I posted before about Dutch-based illustrator and designer Ingrid Bockting. She made this extremely fashionable and beautiful feminine art prints with great names as "Lollipop Hideaway", "BB on a bike" and "Twiggy smokes a pipe". Her distinctive handdrawn linework and brushstrokes combine very well with her digital techniques. Most of Ingrids work has been used for glossy magazines and book covers. Recently Ingrid and her partner, illustrator Leendert Masselink, took their first steps into the world of silk titled ‘We Made Shawls’. I love them all!


And the winner is... YIFAN YAING to brighten up her elephantless wall ;-)  
Thank you ALL for your lovely comments.

We have the pefect EASTER GIVEAWAY offered by Dutch based illustrator Hyshil Sander! This beautiful elephant print, signed by the artist, can be yours... Just leave a comment below and tell me why YOU should win this cute elephant print! I will pick the winner after Easter, on Monday the 5th of April. Happy Easter!


I have worked with Hyshil for several clients as I love her beautiful fragile style. She is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Amsterdam. She started drawing when she was little and never stopped. Nature, memories, the universe, art and culture, current events and photography are big sources of inspiration. She loves animals, the way they feel or the company they bring. To preserve the handcrafted nature of her pencil drawings she aims to digitally alter as little as possible. Have a look at her site to see more.

MONDAY GIVEAWAY! Agata Wierzbicka

And the winner is SCARLETT DOLL. Congratulations! Hope! I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address. Thanks to everyone that entered and watch out for the next GIVEAWAY!

Summertime! Agata Wierzbicka has offered to give ONE signed print away to ONE of you! Leave a comment below and tell me which print you like to win and why and I’ll mention the winner at the end of this day. Have a great MONDAY!

Love the linework of Warsaw based designer and illustrator Agata Wierzbicka. "I love to observe people on the streets and travelers in various situations. I mainly draw digitally but love using acrylic, oil and pencil, and simply doing experiments in mixing techniques. My illustrations are characterized by a dynamic sketchy line and pastel colors."